To avoid any unnecessary cost - it’s imperative to clean up once you have completed the workshop. Follow below instructions to delete the earlier provisioned resources.

  • Go to AWS Console -> AWS CloudFormation or Click here to open AWS CloudFormation Console in us-west-2 region.

  • Select the AWS Network Firewall stack deployed in earlier steps and click on Delete to start the deletion process. Delete_Stack

  • Review and accept the delete confirmation screen by pressing Delete Stack again. Confirm Stack Deletion

  • This should start the deletion process as displayed in the picture below : Delete in progress

  • You can also click on Stack name to get more details on the deletion process and related events. Please note it may take few minutes to clean up & delete all the resources. Once all the resources in the template are successfully deprovisioned, the status of CloudFormation Stack will change to DELETE_COMPLETE as shown in picture below. Delete Completed